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I have been learning to make holsters for the last few years now, and have decided to sell some of them as I make them in order to get better at my trade. All of my gear is handmade, hand stitched, and made in the traditional Old West style of the cowboy era. This is my little scrapbook area to remember what my leather began as and what it has or will become. The dates are when it was stamped, not necessarily when it was finished, but will be close.

If you would like to contact me, send an email to: DaltonMasterson@yahooDOTcom. Please add a dot where it says dot in the address.

Edit 6/2/14: For those of you that have tried to contact me through the CONTACT ME button, I am sorry, but that button doesn't work for diddly. I was contacted today with about a years worth of notices that I missed. I will be disabling the Contact Me button if possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact me through the email that has been listed above. Thanks.

Colt 1849 holster in the Menea style.

Ruger 5.5" Cheyenne Style made 3-30-08

Starr with pattern copied from Packing Iron book made 3-28-08

1858 Remingtons made 8-12-08. Dyed with walnut dye.

Pocket Pistol holsters. Merwin Hulbert .38, Hopkins Allen hammerless, Hopkins Allen Safety Police, and a long barreled Harrington and Richardson with no holster yet. The darker colored ones are slightly antiqued, to bring out the red highlights.

Freeda Bee Mee's 1872 Colt Opentop set, made 7-11-08.

These are made for my 1860 Colts. These were made 4-9-08. 

This is a trio I made for my 1858 Remingtons. Sometimes I shoot with a short barreled Remington, so made it its own holster. These were made 5-11-08.

Set I made for a pard for his Richards Mason Conversions. It was made in the fall of 2008.

This is one I made for my Walker. It is a crossdraw. It is also dated 5-11-08. Must have been a busy week at the bench. ;)

This is a favorite pair I made. They are dyed with natural walnut dye, and look very vintage. They are for Colt SAA 5 1/2". They are dated 12-15-08.

This is my favorite little knife sheath right now. I made it to fit the handmade knife by Double D Knives of Smith Center, KS. It was made 11-23-08.

My 3:10 to Yuma rig. The belt is a work in progress made of buffalo hide. Stamped 6-24-10.

Carved 1911 holster. I used this for Wild Bunch a few times. Made it in 2009.

Carved holster for 1907 Savage .32 auto. Made April 2009.

Here is one of my latest holsters. After looking at some of my old ones here on this page, this holster shows I have come a long way. Rattlesnake inlay on an 1911 Avenger built in April of 2014. It won 3rd place at the 2014 World Leather Debut in the un-tooled holster class.